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  • 为什么要用瑞安勃生物基润滑油
  • Environmentally friendly 环境友好的
    Totally biodegradable 可生物降解
    Excellent anti-wear performance 优秀的抗磨损性能
    There may be no clean up costs if leakage occurs, because some agencies do not require vegetable-based fluids to be cleaned up. It is still important to follow all EPA, State and local laws regarding clean up and reporting of spilled materials. 相对普通润滑油的泄漏,可能没有清理费用,而普通润滑油需要根据EPA、地方、国家法规规定清理。
    Designed to minimize the environmental impact and have low environmental persistence 设计用于最少的环境影响。
  • 什么是可降解润滑油、清洗剂等产品?
  • Readily biodegradable is an arbitrary classification of chemicals which have passed certain specified screening tests for ultimate biodegradability; these tests are so stringent that it is assumed that such compounds will rapidly and completely biodegrade in aquatic environments under aerobic conditions. 易生物降解是化学品的一个特定分类,指通过某些指定筛选试验最终生物降解;这些测试很严格,它假定这种化合物会迅速和完全生物降解在有氧条件下水生环境中。

    Inherently biodegradable is a classification of chemicals for which there is unequivocal evidence of biodegradation (primary or ultimate) in any test of biodegradability. 固有生物降解是化学品的一个分类,在任何生物降解测试中的生物降解性(初级或最终)的明确证据
  • 为什么更优先选择生物基润滑油,相对矿物油和合成油?
  • Produced from renewable resources 由可再生资源生产
    Biodegradable, Non-toxic 可生物降解、无毒
    Easily cleaned up 容易清理
    Increased fire resistance 提高了防火性
    Long life 长寿命
    Better lubricity 更好的润滑性
  • 生物基润滑油性能和矿物油以及合成油相比怎么样?
  • In general bio-based biodegradable oils perform equal to or better than petroleum and synthetic oils in all appropriate applications. 通常瑞安勃的生物可降解润滑油性能相当或者超过矿物油和合成油,在各种应用中。
  • 和普通润滑油相比,植物油清洁费用怎么样?
  • When cradle to grave pricing considerations are factored into the equation they are much better in total cost and environmental health than either petroleum based or synthetic oils. In general, the clean-up of these biodegradable products is much less expensive than oil or synthetic products. All spills usually require that the spill is reported to the department of environmental quality, state department of natural resources or the EPA. For small spills, those under 20 gallons, that may be all that is required. For larger spills it may be necessary to remove the soil. The soil would then be monitored until the digestion is complete and the soil can then be used in other locations, taken to a land fill or other places, depending on local, state and national requirements. All biodegradable oils and products are not created equal. It is important to compare them in terms of their specific characteristics. This includes their oxidation stability, viscosity index and biodegradability. There are different grades of biodegradability. Biodegradable hydraulic fluids can be inherently or readily biodegradable. These definitions are important because they indicate the rate and completeness of their degradation. Also, there are some very good oils on the market but there are companies marketing very poorly made hydraulic oils that do not perform well. It is best to ask for test data from an independent laboratory to insure the oils meet your specifications.
  • 生物基润滑油可以用在哪里?
  • They can be used in almost all applications where petroleum based and synthetic oils are used. There are currently a wide range of bio-based oils that meet most applications. These are really good oils where ecological considerations are important, such as marine, forest, agricultural, and other areas or where there is a desire to have an oil with better fire resistance. 它们可以用在矿物油和合成油应用的几乎所有应用中。是满足大部分的应用的用途广泛的生物油,尤其在需要考虑生态影响的应用中是非常好的产品,比如船舶、森林、农业、或者需要防火的应用。
  • 对生物基润滑油有哪些误解?它们难闻吗?会失效吗?会使阀门故障吗?
  • Biodegradable vegetable–based oils do not normally smell and resist breakdown when used in the appropriate applications. They have been extensively tested and do not damage valves or gum them up if used appropriately. 可降解生物基润滑油通常不难闻,也不会轻易失效。它们经过了广泛的测试,在适当的应用中不会损坏阀门或者粘住阀门。
  • 使用瑞安勃生物基产品有什么好处?
  • Excellent anti-wear protection for pumps and valves 对泵和阀有优秀的抗磨损保护
    No "rainbow" effect in water 不会污染水源
    Anti-oxidant, anti-corrosive, anti-foam properties 抗氧化、抗腐蚀、抗泡性能良好
    Rust and corrosion protection for system parts 对系统零件有防锈和抗腐蚀保护
    User-safe to handle 搬运安全
    Higher flash point 高闪点
    High viscosity index 超高粘度指数
  • 使用矿物油的系统转换到生物基润滑油要担心什么?
  • No. Conversion to vegetable-oil-based fluids will present no problems; they are compatible with petroleum oil. It is best to flush as much of the petroleum or synthetic oil from the system and then add the biodegradable oil. Any residual petroleum oil can be left in the system. 不。转换到生物基润滑油不会产生问题,它们和矿物油兼容。建议更换前冲洗矿物油或者合成油,少量残留不会影响系统。
  • 生物基润滑油可以用在哪些地方?
  • Elevators 电梯 Marine 海洋 Forestry 森林 Industry 工业 Shipping 船运 Mining 采矿 Agriculture 农业 Railroads 铁路 Boats/ships 船舶 Stacking Lifts 堆垛机 Trucks, Backhoes, and other heavy equipment 卡车、挖掘机等重型装备 Lift Bridges 吊桥 Lock Gates 闸门 Dam Controls 启闭机 Hydroelectric Power Plants 水利发电厂 Shipboard Hydraulic Components Robotics 甲板液压系统 Amusement Park Rides 游乐园 Below is a sample of the kinds of oils currently available. 以下为正在使用的例子: Oils, cleaners and other: Hydraulic oils 液压油 Cleaner/degreaser 清洗剂/脱脂剂 Two-cycle engine oil 二冲程机油 Turbine oil 涡轮机油 Hydrostatic oil 液力油 Spindle oil 主轴油 Gear oil 齿轮油 Trans hydraulic oil 传动液压油 Rock drill oil 凿岩机油 Food-grade oils 食品级油 Release oils 脱模剂 Gun oils 枪械油
  • 瑞安勃生物油有什么好处?
  • RLI fluids offer excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance. In service, RLI protects high speed, high pressure pumps, valves, and other associated equipment against wear, extending equipment life. RLI has excellent temperature/ viscosity characteristics, and is suitable for operating in temperature ranges of -35 to 165 degrees Celsius. RLI products are compatible with typical hydraulic seal materials, and are fully miscible with conventional petroleum-based oils. The fluids exhibit excellent water separation and provide an inherent self-cleaning effect in valves. 瑞安勃润滑油提供良好的腐蚀和氧化保护。在使用中,瑞安勃保护高速、高压的油泵、阀门和其他附件免受磨损,增加设备寿命。瑞安勃润滑油有优异的粘温只是,适合用于-35 - 160度的广泛温度内。瑞安勃兼容常用的密封材料,和传统矿物油完全兼容。这种油品有良好的油水分离性,提供阀门的自我清洁效果。 When in use, RLI provides: 在使用时候:
    Excellent anti-wear protection for pumps and valves 对油泵和阀门有优异的抗磨损保护。
    Anti-oxidant, anti-corrosive, anti-foam properties 抗氧化、抗腐蚀、抗泡性。
    Rust and corrosion protection for system parts 保护系统零件抗腐蚀和生锈。
    User-safe to handle 可以安全搬运。
    Higher flash point 更高的闪点。
    High viscosity index 高粘度指数。
    RLI fluids are recommended in hydraulic applications where accidental spills or leakage could present an environmental hazard.瑞安勃润滑油推荐用于意外泄漏会污染环境的应用中。
  • 瑞安勃生物基润滑油的安全性如何?
  • RLI meets or exceeds all tests as follows瑞安勃润滑油满足和超过以下测试:
    ASTM D-2882, ASTM D-2619, ASTM D-3604, ASTM D-2272, ASTM D-4172, ASTM D-892, ASTM D-287, ASTM D-471-66, ASTM D-877 Dielectric Strength Test, ASTM D-5864, OECD 301B - Readily Biodegradable Modified Strum Test, FTM-5308.6 - Oxidation Test, ISO-9439 International Water Quality Evaluation Standard Oxidation Test, ISO-9001:2000 Certification. Leakage or spillage of RLI into the environment should be avoided. However, unless significantly contaminated or altered in service, small discharges of RLI fluids should rapidly biodegrade and not cause any lasting harm to the environment. All local, state, and federal laws should be strictly observed.
  • 瑞安勃润滑油产品进行了哪些测试?
  • The following are typical tests used to determine the performance characteristics of products. Check product technical data sheets for the specific tests used for each product. 以下为每个产品所做的典型参数测试:
    ASTM D-2882, Modified Vickers Pump Test (1500 psi @ 500 hrs @ 150 degrees)
    ASTM D-445, Viscosity @ 400C
    ASTM D-2983, Viscosity @ -150C, Brookfield
    ASTM D-4684, Viscosity @-300C, MRV TP1
    ASTM D-2270, Viscosity Index
    ASTM D-97, Pour point
    ASTM D-92, Flash point (COC)
    ASTM D-130, Copper corrosion strip 3hr @ 1000C
    ASTM D-5483, Oxidation stability (Pressure differential scanning calorimeter) min
    ASTM D-974, Neutralization number mg KOH/g
    DIN 53538, Part 1, Swell of synthetic NBR-L rubber, % (Ave.)
    Denison TP 02100, Filterability
    HF-0 Requirement
    ASTM D-1401, Demulsibility, ML, Oil/Water/Emulsion
    ASTM D-4172, 4-Ball Wear, 1h, 1670F, 1200 RPM, 40 kg
    DIN 51354, FZG Test
    ASTM D-2619, Hydrolytic Stability Test
    ASTM D-3604, Elastomer Compatibility Test
    ASTM D-2272, Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test
    ASTM D-665, Rust Test
    FTM 5308.6 (Federal Test Method), Oxidation Test
    ASTM D-4172, 4-Ball Wear, 1h, 1670F, 1200 RPM, 40kg
    ASTM D-892, Anti-Foam Additives Non-Silicone Defoamer
    ASTM D-287, API Gravity @ 60 degrees, Specific Gravity Point 0.915
    ASTM D-877, Dielectric Strength Test (38,900 VAC)
    ASTM D-5864, Standard Test Method for Determining the Aerobic/Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants
    OECD 301B. Ready Biodegradability Modified Sturm Test
    ISO 15380, Environmentally friendly
    ISO 14001:1996, Environmental management system
  • 使用矿物液压油的液压系统更换生物基液压油要考虑什么?
  • No. Conversion to vegetable-oil-based fluids will present no problems; they are compatible with petroleum oil. However, ideally it is best to flush the petroleum oil out of the system by running RLI through the system to remove as much of the petroleum oil as is practical and then fill the system with RLI oil. Any residual petroleum oil can be left in the system. Please contact us for additional questions or the best procedures to follow when changing over a system to RLI. 不。转换到生物基润滑油不会产生问题,它们和矿物油兼容。建议更换前冲洗矿物油或者合成油,少量残留不会影响系统。
  • 液压系统怎么样从矿物油更换为生物基液压油?
  • Drain as much of the existing oil from the hydraulic system as possible before adding RLI Oil. You may flush out the system but it is not required. RLI oils are compatible with petroleum oils, but to gain the maximum benefits of RLI oils, it is best to remove as much of the petroleum oil as possible. Please consult with us should you have further questions. 建议更换前排空在用的油品,可以冲洗矿物油或者合成油,但不是必须的,少量残留不会影响系统。瑞安勃液压油兼容矿物油,但为了最大好处,尽可能清除矿物油。更多问题请咨询我们。
  • 瑞安勃生物基润滑油防火性如何?
  • The term "Fire Resistant" as defined by Factory Mutual, meets the ASME A.171B fire resistive criteria and means:工厂共同制定的"防火性",表示满足 ASME A.171B防火等级:
    1. Sprayed fluids that contact an ignition source will not propagate flame. 喷洒的液体接触到火源时不会传导火苗。
    2. That if the source of ignition is removed from a fluid spray, and flames will self-extinguish.火源移出液体时,火苗会自己熄灭。
  • 瑞安勃生物基液压油的生物基含量是多少?
  • The bio-based content in RLI hydraulic oils range from 84% to 99%, depending on the grade of oil. All of RLI hydraulic oils are totally biodegradable, and exceeds the government criteria of being "readily biodegradable" (60% in 28 days, ASTM D-5864). Readily biodegradable is defined as an attribute of products that have a natural ability to biodegrade quickly and completely. 生物基含量为84% -99%,根据产品不同。所有瑞安勃液压油都是可最终降解的,超过政府规定的“易生物降解”(ASTM D-5864测试,28天超过60%)。
  • 是什么使生物基润滑油降解?
  • Vegetable oils are biodegradable because they are naturally occurring compounds that common bacteria in aquatic and terrestrial systems can break down, unlike many other compounds that kill bacteria preventing biological breakdown.植物油由于是自然生长的物质所以可以生物降解,可以被土壤和水中的普通微生物分解;而其它物质会杀死微生物,而不会被分解。
  • 瑞安勃液压油可以用于除电梯之外的液压系统吗?
  • Yes. RLI oil is being used in many other applications such as, Industrial Lift Trucks, Stacking Lifts, Backhoes, Lift Bridges, Lock Gates, Dam Controls, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Shipboard Hydraulic Components, Robotics, Amusement Park Rides, and other industries utilizing hydraulic systems. 是的。瑞安勃润滑油用于很多应用中,例如:工业升降机、铲车、吊桥、闸门、启闭机、机器人、水电厂等等
  • 瑞安勃液压油可以给我的液压系统提供抗磨损保护吗?
  • Yes, RLI hydraulic oils contain a phosphorus compound that provides a solid protective coating on the exposed metal which provides excellent anti-wear performance in a wide array of hydraulic components. 是的,瑞安勃液压油的添加剂系统提供金属良好的保护,具有优异的抗磨损性能。
  • 瑞安勃的液压油预期寿命有多久?
  • RLI oil was first installed in elevators back in 1996 with no problems. 1996年第一次安装到电梯里现在还没有问题。
  • 容易生物降解和固有生物降解有什么分别?
  • Readily biodegradable products distinguishes materials which are quickly decomposed into harmless byproducts, while "inherently" biodegradable means it will eventually biodegrade. 容易生物降解表示产品可以快速被分解为无害的副产品,然而固有生物降解表示产品最后终于被降解。





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